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Somewhere, Nowhere is a randomly generated experience created within Unity, where the player is stuck inside liminal spaces, trying to find a way out back to reality.


Ashtito - 3D Artist/Level Design

Melon Dog - Programmer/Sound Effects

CrunchyHuman - Programmer/UI


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Somewhere, Nowhere 0.1.zip 393 MB


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good game

I was expecting a monster but I'm really glad there was none.


the atmosphere was great!!! 

Comon bruh you could've added a monster or sum (last game i played)

I'm glad there was none. But yeah, I was expecting one since there is a run option. I'd probably have died and closed the game if there was one, because everytime something chases me I freeze.


Interesting game!



this game is so good I love it 😊👍🏾🔥💯

I'm happy you enjoyed it, your video was very entertaining! It's pronounced mo - men - to by the way ;) 

thanks man thanks


You did a great job at creating a very spooky and tense atmosphere. The maze like corridors did a great job at giving off a feeling of being trapped. Keep up the great work!

So glad you liked it, thanks for playing!


I got lucky and found the thingies quite quickly so I think I missed some of the spooky looking corridors and rooms so I'm not sure how well I can judge the spookiness of the game. I kinda hoped there to be a bit more spookiness, like spooky noises or something. Still there was nice atmosphere that made me feel quite uneasy and suspicious of everything especially towards the end. Overall nice game :)

Wow, you got extremely lucky with the random room generation! All of your mementos were so close to each other haha, great job you officially have the fastest time I've seen so far, thanks for playing and for your feedback :) 


It was fun to play a game set in the setting resembling my worst nightmares...This game lacked the "excitement" of a lot of horror games, but that's what made this stand out in my opinion. My suggestion to the developers would be to keep this quality in further developments.

Throughout the 8ish minutes it took me to find the mementos, the bit that creeped me out most of all was the sheer emptiness of it all. I wasn't feeling on edge due to the threat of jump scares that other games give, but instead found myself sweating, my senses heightened, at the thought of there being nothing there. It's like I was being watched...and the fact that the thing watching me remained unknown is the most exciting feature of the game. I was genuinely scared to open the doors sometimes, even though I knew from the reviews here that there would be no jump scares.

In order to build on and improve this game, my suggestion would be things such as puzzles, mazes, disappearing/reappearing mementos, doors shutting/locking behind you, and the lantern running out of oil (resulting in the need to find more...in the dark). These things would make the game more engaging, while preserving the feeling of emptiness, loneliness, and timelessness that makes this game special. 

The idea of liminality is played on really well by this game. Well done to the developers!


This is some great feedback, thank you so much for playing, and I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed our liminal experience. 

Your ideas are great and definitely things we’d love to add in the future if/when we continue with development. It’s reassuring to hear that you found this to be a unique experience.

Thanks again!


Creepy environment even without jumpscares. I found all mementos in just 7 minutes. Overall great game!


7 minutes is a fast time, nice job, and thanks for playing!

Your welcome! Appreciate it!

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really liked this game it was super creepy even without jumpscares

Thanks for playing! I enjoyed watching you get spooked from the pillars hahah, glad you liked it

your welcome they looked like they had faces on them lol


Great game my friend.

The fastest time I've seen so far! Thanks for playing!


good puzzle game

Thanks for playing! :) I’m happy you managed to find all 6 momentos and escape!

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A wonderfully neat , yet short little game where you are a player trying to find your way back to reality.

 The game itself looks to be starting out quite nicely where you have to find 6 mementos then escape, this could be set up into a brilliant story where the protagonist has had a concussion to the head and is now fighting to regain the memories lost while traversing reality and dreamscapes to come out of a coma.
 Games like this remind me of  "the backrooms game" where you go through a procedural maze trying to keep yourself sane by glancing at your watch every 30 seconds , but glancing too much made things worse, In fact the atmospheric hum of the lights and the way the lights played around reminded me of this exact game.

 In future updates maybe there will be more sounds/light effects to distract the player from their direction to make them think " did i come from here?" which would further immerse them into the games core of being liminal, maybe there could be rooms that change when you go in them (for example doors that unlocked are changed so the player cant go back) and maybe pictures that warp and distort ... or if the aim is to keep it minimal maybe a few effects that affect the players vision to further immerse them in, maybe even have the lantern go out every now and then and you need to find ways to light it.
 As mentioned by the creator it is all very "bare bones at the moment " but everything seems pretty good so far, when future updates come out and the game is a little longer id be happy to make a video on it and review it again.

Apologies for the lengthy review but i hope it helps in some shape or from.


That’s some awesome feedback, thank you so much! Funny enough ‘The Backrooms’ was a huge inspiration for us while working on this project.

Your ideas are awesome, and definitely some things we’ve considered ourselves, so it’s good to hear other people would like to see these things too. We would love to implement similar features in the future!

Thanks again! 


The Zip file for this game says Build ".1" and it shows. If this is a test to see if the bare bones layout of the game works, then it works fine. I'm not going to judge this as a legitimate game but rather as a skeleton to have more stuff in later. It works, nothing offensive but nothing to really get you excited over. The only problem I had with it was the last memento looked like it was part of the molding of a pillar. Maybe you should change the color of that one.

Thanks for your feedback! As you said, this is very much just a skeleton at the moment and is more meant to be an experience of liminality rather than a fully-fledged game. We do hope to build on it more in the future so thank you for the advice.